Subterranea 9, December 2005


In This Issue… Ukraine Bunker Tour, RAF Trimingham, French Trip 2005, Books, News and Reviews.

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  • Archaeology, pp.1-4
  • Conservation, p.4
  • Mines and Underground Quarries, pp.4-6
  • Museums and Heritage, p.7
  • Societies and Their Publications, p.7
  • Tunnels, pp.8-11

Chalk and cheese: The Sub Brit northern France excursion, Paul W. Sowan, pp.11-20
Gibraltar ‘Stay Behind’ Cave, Gibraltar Museum, pp.21-23
RAF Daws Hill, Nick Catford, pp.24-29
The BBC at the Clifton Rocks Tunnel, Bristol, Gerald H Daly, pp.30-35
Sub Brit Visit to Ukraine May 2005, Nick Catford, pp.36-45
Never Again!, Mike Barton, pp.46-48
RAF Trimingham – CEW Rotor Radar Station, Nick Catford, pp.49-52
London Calling: How the BBC took refuge underground in World War II, Andrew Emmerson, pp.53-61
What’s in a name?, Andrew Emmerson, pp.62-63

Keywords / Topics:

Montreuil-sur-Mer. German Barracks. Muche. Filescamps. Habarcq. Poix de Picardie. Bunker. La Herliere. Lille. Lezennes. Metro. V1.
Secret Hideout.
US. Bunker. High Wycombe. MOD.
Submarine. Balaklava. Sevastopol Batteries. Feodor Fortress. Mangup-Kale underground church.
R1. Neatishead. Norfolk.
Broadcasting House. The Stronghold.

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