Subterranea 8, September 2005


In This Issue… RAF Boulmer, Uxbridge AAOR, Iron Mountain, Books, News and Reviews.

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News, pp.2-25
Books, pp.25-26
Cayo Santa Maria, L Marielito, p.27
Subterranea Britannica Day Conference, Andrew Smith, p.27
Notes from a visit to Poland, Paul W. Sowan, pp.28-30
Visit Report – The Maunsell Sea Forts, Bob Clary, p.31
It doesn’t always go according to plan!, Nick Catford, pp.32-33
Cherbourg Silos, Bob Clary, p.34
Health and safety notes – vertical ascents and descents, Paul W. Sowan, pp.35-38
Eric Burke 1945-2005, Dom Jackson, p.38
Underground London, Strand Magazine – Aug 1898, pp.39-45
The Croydon Tramlink of 1950, Andrew Emmerson, p.46
RAF Boulmer, Nick Catford, pp.47-54
Uxbridge AAOR, Nick Catford, pp.55-58
Iron Mountain, Jon Five, pp.59-60
British Library – Basements, Roger Morgan, pp.61-62
Pitreavie Maritime Headquarters, Bob Jenner, pp.63-67
Aeroseum, Bob Clary, p.68
Subterranea Britannica Treasurers Summary Report 2004, p.69

Keywords / Topics:

Caribbean. Bunker. KGB.
Chalk Caves. Cellars. Krzemionki Flint Mines. Wieliczka Salt Mine. Bochnia Salt Mine. WWII.
Fairlight Rotor Bunker. RAF Wartling. Air Raid Shelter Epsom.
Sewers. Tunnels.
ROTOR R3. Bunker.
Microsoft. Storage. Mine.
Rosyth. Bunker.

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