Subterranea 6, December 2004


In This Issue… The Stockport PR1 Repeater Station, Sub Brit Regional Groups, Chenies ROTOR, Books, News and Reviews.

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News, pp.1-11
ROC Post Owners Group or ROCPOG, p.12
The Sub Brit Day Conference – Saturday 16th April 2005, Andrew Smith, p.12
Who’s Who in Sub Brit: Nick Catford – Membership Secretary, p.13
Under Cover Activities, p.14
Regional Groups, pp.15-17
NAMHO 2005, p.17
RAF Chenies, Nick Catford, pp.18-21
Stockport Protected Repeater Station, Andy Emmerson, pp.22-25
Bawdsey – 1987, Craig, pp.26-28
Subterranea Britannica’s 30th Anniversary Meeting, Paul Sowan, p.29
Labyrinth City Under Dedinje, Belgrade Vecernje Novosti, pp.30-32
Germany 2004, Nick Catford, pp.33-42
The threat from within to cold war bunkers, Keith Ward, p.43
Whitequarries Oil Shale Mine, Abercorn, Lothian, Jane MacGregor, p.44

Keywords / Topics:

Radar. ROTOR. Bunker. Down Barns. R8.
Manchester. BT.
Reigate. Sylvia Beamon.
Bunker. Yugoslavia. Tito.
Falkenhagen. Bunker. Rahnsdorf. Alt Rehse. Bunker 5005.

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