Subterranea 5, September 2004


In This Issue… Gibraltar Tunnels, Operation Square Leg, Mike Barton's Bunkers, Books, News and Reviews.

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News, pp.1-5
Books, p.6
Who’s Who in Sub Brit: MC Black – Vice-Chairman, p.6
Gibraltar Weekend Trip Report, Bob Lawson, pp.7-9
Berwyn Tunnel – Llangollen Railway, Phil Pritchard, pp.10-11
What did you do in your retirement, old man?, Mike Barton, pp.12-17
Operation Square Leg: Did You Survive 1980?, Jane MacGregor, pp.18-21
ROC Survey reaches the end of the line, Nick Catford, p.22
Femore Fort – Sweden, Tony Page, pp.23-26
Chislehurst Caves, Martin Malins, p.27
Invisible Worlds Beneath our Feet, Avraham Broide, pp.27-29
Zossen Wunsdorf – A day trip, Dom Jackson, pp.30-33
Annual General Meeting, p.34
Report for October to December 2003, Paul W. Sowan, pp.34-35
Subterranea Britannica – Summary Report 2002, p.36
Royal Gunpowder Mills, MC Black, pp.37-38

Keywords / Topics:

Civil Defence.
Corsham. Israel.
Air-Raid Shelter.
Zeppelin Bunker. UK 20.
Waltham Abbey.

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