Subterranea 43, December 2016


In This Issue… Portsdown Hill Magazines, Norwood Tunnel – Chesterfield Canal, Westcott Rocket Propulsion Establishment, Wilton Super Zero Station

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Subterranea Britannica Diary, p.2
Subterranea Britannica Annual General Meeting 2016 – Minutes, p.3
Summary Minutes of Committee Meeting 8 October 2016 at Kelvedon Hatch, 10.30, p.4
Robert Horsfall-Turner, 1931-2016, p.5

  • Health & Safety, p.6
  • Archaeology, pp.6-7
  • Conservation and Heritage, pp.7-9
  • Military and Defence, pp.9-13
  • Mines and Mining, pp.13-14
  • Miscellaneous, pp.14-18
  • Publications, pp.18-20
  • Tunnels and Tunneling, pp.20-22

Westcott Rocket Propulsion Establishment, Buckinghamshire, Nick Catford, pp.24-34
The City of London’s Underground Golf Course, Stewart Wild, p.34
The Chesterfield Canal and the Norwood Tunnel, Rod Auton – Publicity Officer for the Chesterfield Canal Trust, pp.35-43
All kitted up for the tunnels in the walls at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, Paul W Sowan, p.43
Some sites at the Clee Hills and Snailbeach, Shropshire, Paul Sowan, pp.44-45
Portsdown Hill Magazines – from Munitions to Monitoring (Palmerston Follies at Fort Widley & Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth), Martin Dixon & Mark Russell, pp.46-51
Foot tunnel at Cliviger, near Burnley, Lancs, Ken Geddes, pp.52-53
Reach for the Sky, Martin Dixon, pp.54-55
North London’s private monorail tunnel, Ian Mansfield, pp.56-57
Chalk mine underneath Plumstead bus garage, SE London, p.57
Sub Brit Visit to Scout Mine, near Reading, Chris Rayner, pp.58-60
Kenton Bar Fighter Command Bunker – an update, Colin Anderson (Bunker 13 Ltd), pp.61.62
Urban myths in Croydon, Paul W Sowan, p.62
The WWII Super Zero Station at Wilton, near Salisbury, Brian Drury, pp.63-72
Bruniquel Cave – the earliest known man-made structure on the planet, Linda Dixon, p.72
Sub Brit Visit to RAF Barnham, Suffolk, Chris Rayner, pp.73-78
International Mining History Congress: Linares, Spain, Robert Barnes, pp.79-80
William Constable and England’s oldest surviving road tunnel at Reigate, Surrey, p.80

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