Subterranea 42, September 2016


In This Issue… Sub Brit reconnoitres Gibraltar, Sub Brit Visit to Rome, Crystal Palace Pneumatic Railway, Rhydymwyn Visit

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Subterranea Britannica Diary, p.2
Minutes of Committee Meeting 25 June 2016 at The Black Country Museum, Dudley, p.3

  • Archaeology, pp.4-5
  • Health & Safety, p.5
  • Military and Defence, pp.5-10
  • Mines and Mining, pp.10-13
  • Miscellaneous, pp.13-15
  • Publications, pp.15-16
  • Tunnels and Tunneling, pp.16-22

Whitgift Schoolboys’ visit to the Kingswood Tunnel under construction, East Surrey, Paul W Sowan, pp.23-25
Britain’s First Domestic Nuclear Shelter – Deal, Colin Varrall, pp.26-29
Sub Brit at Fawley Hill Vintage Weekend 2016, Stewart Wild, p.29
Sub Brit Reconnoitres Gibraltar, Tim Wellburn, pp.30-42
Did the Soviet Union Cold War strategists miss a trick?, p.42
Refuge in Great Britain, 1939-1945, Sylvia P Beamon, pp.43-47
Make your own atom bomb, p.48
Catforth ROC Post – The Post that Moved Twice, Mike Norris, pp.49-52
Thomas Webster Rammell’s ‘pneumatic railway’ tunnel Crystal Palace Park, South London, Paul W Sowan, pp.53-59
World War I explosives storage in the ‘caves’ at Reigate, Surrey, p.59
Veni Vidi Descendi – Sub Brit visit to Rome, Nigel Headley, pp.60-76
Meet the Committee – Alistair Graham Kerr, p.76
Rhydymwyn Visit – a site for sore eyes, Martin Dixon, pp.77-81
Sub Brit’s Northern Ireland Weekend, Chris Rayner, pp.82-88
Is this London’s smallest Tunnel?, Stewart Wild, p.88

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