Subterranea 40, December 2015


In This Issue… ROC Group Controls, Silesia Weekend, AUs in Northumberland, Factory Air-Raid Shelters

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Subterranea Britannica Diary, p.2
Obituary – Dom Jackson, pp.3-4
Obituary – Julian Allason, p.4

  • Archaeology, pp.5-7
  • Conservation & Heritage, pp.7-8
  • Health and Safety, p.8
  • Military and Defence, pp.8-12
  • Mines & Mining, pp.12-14
  • Miscellaneous, pp.14-17
  • Publications, pp.18-19
  • Tunnels & Tunneling, pp.19-22

Cremation at West Norwood: The Catacomb Railway, Colin R Fenn, pp.23-26
Royal Observer Corps Group Controls, John Shere, pp.27-49
Britain’s Lost Railways, Julian Allason, pp.50-52
Tracing the Story of the WWII Auxiliary Units in Northumberland, Ian Hall, pp.53-56
A Silesia Weekend – October 2015, Martin Dixon, pp.57-71
Dingle Liverpool Overhead Railway station tunnel update, Paul Wright, pp.72-74
Meet the Committee – Tim Wellburn, p.74
Early Factory Air-Raid Shelters, Chris Rayner, pp.75-82
Wartling progress report, Sussex, John Smiles, pp.83-84

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