Subterranea 4, April 2004


In This Issue… Kingsway Tram Subway, Wirral Air Raid Shelters, Tower Subway, Books, News and Reviews.

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News, pp.1-6
Books, pp.6-8
Swynnerton RGHQ 9.1, Nick Catford, pp.9-12
German Air-Raid Shelters, Andrew Emmerson, pp.13-14
The City Streets Beneath, John Smiles, pp.15-16
Kingsway Tram Subway, C S Dunbar & Nick Catford, pp.17-19
Kingsway Tram Subway Trip Report, Tony Page, pp.19-20
Through the Iron Curtain and back again, Paul W. Sowan, pp.21-24
Reigate’s caves, mines, and tunnels – a place to celebrate our 30th anniversary?, p.24
Tower Subway, London, Andrew Emmerson, pp.24-28
Memories of Subterranea Britannica in the Cold War, Paul W. Sowan, pp.29-30
An oasis in the fire – the Wirral public air raid shelters, John Smiles & Kevin Core, pp.31-34
Constitutional changes proposed for Sub Brit, Paul W. Sowan, p.35
2005 NAMHO Conference, p.35
Who Runs Sub Brit?: Professor C.T. Shaw – The Honorary President, p.36
King William Street Station, Andrew Emmerson, pp.36-40
North Korea’s Ace in the Hole, Barbara Demick/Los Angeles Times – Nov 2003, pp.41-43
Remember the Alamo!, Mike Barton, pp.43-47
Festung Alderney – The German Defence of Alterney (Book Review), p.48
The Great Stink of London (Book Review), John Smiles, p.48

Keywords / Topics:

Germany. Bunker.
Solotvina Salt Mine. Gumci Limestone. Kiev Catacombes.
Tunnel. Thames.
London Underground. City & South London Railway.
Drakelow. Hack Green. York ROCHQ. RAF Alconbury. Dollis Hill. Paddock. Belsize Park. Kelvedon Hatch.

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