Subterranea 38, April 2015


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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Subterranea Britannica Diary, p.2
Notes of SB Committee Meeting 17 January 2015, Roger Starling, p.3

  • Archaeology, pp.4-5
  • Conservation and Heritage, pp.5-9
  • Health and Safety, p.9
  • Military and Defence, pp.9-11
  • Mines and Quarrying, pp.11-12
  • Miscellaneous, pp.12-15
  • Publications, pp.15-16
  • Tunneling, pp.16-19

Sector Operations Centre/Gun Operations Room (‘Black Building’), Kirkwall, Orkney 1944-2009, Geofffrey Stell, pp.20-27
Highgate Cemetery, Above and Below, Jason Holdcroft, pp.29-30
Project Riese Weekend, Poland – October 2014, Martin Dixon, pp.31-41
Visit to Canal Tunnel, Granada Studios – Manchester, Keith Warrender, pp.42-48
Some thoughts and questions on life in and life after Burlington and nuclear bunkers in general, Paul W Sowan, p.48
Sub Brit Site Visit, Ramsgate Tunnels and Fan Bay Deep Shelter – Kent, Tim Wellburn, Gordon Wise & Derek Smith, pp.49-62
Peter Jigins, 1941-2004, Martin Dixon, p.62
Under the weather – the U-Bahn reaches Buggleskelly, Peter Jigins, pp.62-63
Clapham South Deep Shelter, Sub Brit Visit – 5 February 2015, Chris Howells, pp.64-69
The County Borough of Croydon’s air-raid shelters in World War II, p.69
A Visit to Guernsey, Paul W Sowan, pp.70-80
Reed Flute Cave, China, Julian Allason, pp.80-81
Seaton ROC Post, The underground post that was built twice, Lawrence Holmes, pp.82-84

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