Subterranea 37, December 2014


In This Issue… Barnton Quarry Bunker Restoration, East German Communications Bunkers, Sub Brit Aldwych Station Visit, Foot Tunnels Beneath The Thames

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Meet the committee – Richard West, p.1
Subterranea Britannica Diary, p.2
Annual General Meeting 2014 – Minutes, 26th April 2014, p.3
News, Miscellany compiled by Paul Sowan and Nick Catford

  • Archaeology, pp.4-5
  • Military and Defence, pp.5-7
  • Mines & Quarrying, pp.7-9
  • Miscellaneous, pp.9-10
  • Books and Publications, pp.10-11
  • Tunnels and Tunneling, pp.11-15

Autumn Meeting 2014 – Newcastle, Chris Rayner, pp.16-21
Lochaline Silica Sand Mine in Argyll to reopen, p.21
Barnton Quarry Bunker Restoration – Progress Report, Grant More, pp.22-26
Original WWII air-raid shelter to be protected and restored, Location: St Leonard’s Court, Palmers Road, East Sheen, London SW14, Cathy Blake, pp.26-27
Unusual ROC Posts, Nick Catford, pp.28-30
East German Cold War Communications Bunkers, Tim Wellburn, pp.31-40
Shropshire Copper, Lead & Limestone: Clive, Snailbeach & Pitchcroft Mines, Tim Wellburn, pp.41-47
Visiting the Harz region of Germany, David Gordon, pp.48-50
Sub Brit Aldwych Station Visit, May 2014, Tim Wellburn, pp.51-54
Scottish Bunker Road Trip: 26-28 September 2014, Mark Dalton, pp.55-60
A 16th-century tunnel at Coombe Hill, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, p.60
Underground Fuel Tanks in Dover, Chris Rayner, pp.61-63
Foot Tunnels beneath the River Thames, Dr Mary Mills, pp.64-73
The Lisbon Metro – one picture is worth a thousand words, Martin Dixon, p.73
Cold War Bunker at Easthampstead Park, Bracknell, Martin Dixon, pp.74-76
Cat’s Lairs, Cold War Shelters for the Slovenian Leadership, 1949-51, Aleksander Jankovic Potocnik, pp.77-80

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