Subterranea 35, April 2014


In This Issue… SB Devon Weekend, NATO bunker in Belgium, Tunnels under Lord’s, Clapham North Deep Shelter

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Subterranea Britannica Diary, p.1
Notes of SB Committee Meeting 18 January 2014, p.2

  • Archaeology, p.3
  • Conservation and Heritage, pp.3-8
  • Military and Defence, pp.8-12
  • Mining and Mining, pp.12-14
  • Miscellaneous, pp.14-17
  • Publications, pp.18-19
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.19-23

Delights of Devon – UK Study Weekend, September 2013, Stephanie Goffin, pp.24-35
I read it in a book .. it must be true! Beddington Caves, LB Sutton, p.35
The spiral railway tunnels at Kicking Horse Pass, British Columbia, Canada, Paul W Sowan, p.36
Site Visits made easy, Martin Dixon, pp.37-38
Colour Plates (Various), pp.39-42
Secret Underground City: NATO Joint Operations Centre, Kanne, Belgium, Nick Catford, Joep Orbons, Bob Hankinson & Alan Francis, pp.43-52
What Would Tomas Lord Say? Nick Catford, pp.53-56
Passing Brompton Road, Martin Dixon, pp.57-59
London North West Group War HQ bunker in Southall – Sub Brit visit October 2013, Chris Rayner, pp.60-62
Clapham North Deep Shelter Gets A New Tenant, Nick Catford, pp.63-69
Winston Churchill and WWII Map Rooms, Bob Jenner, pp.70-74
Tunnel Warfare – the Chinese concept of active underground shelters, Jerome & Laurent Triolet, pp.75-77
Remains of Constant Mary Waterwheel and Haulage System, Dunkirk Colliery, Lancashire, Ken Geddes, Richard Matthews & Brian Jeffrey, pp.78-80
The Fern Cave at Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, p.80

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