Subterranea 33, September 2013


In This Issue… Surrey Deep Tunnelled Air Raid Shelters, Sub Brit Visit to Corsham, Disused Railway Tunnels in Merseyside, Kinver Edge Rock Houses

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Notes of SB Committee Meeting – 15 June 2013, p.2

  • Archaeology, pp.3-4
  • Conservation and Heritage, p.4
  • Health and Safety, p.4
  • Military and Defence, pp.4-9
  • Mining and Mining, pp.9-11
  • Miscellaneous, pp.11-13
  • Publications & Books, pp.13-14
  • Tunnels, pp.14-19

Merseyside’s Disused Railway Tunnels, Paul Wright, pp.20-27
Ceaucescu’s Bunker, Bucharest, Julian Allason, p.27
Poster Art 150 London Underground’s Greatest Designs, Stewart Wild, p.28
Holy Austin Rock Houses at Kinver Edge, Mike Parker, pp.29-33
Underground in Iceland: Þríhnúkagígur [Thrihnukagigur], Paul W Sowan, pp.33-34
Colour Plates (Various), pp.35-38
Planning and construction of Surrey County Council’s five World War II deep tunnelled air-raid shelters and related subsurface schemes, Paul W Sowan, pp.39-56
Sub Brit’s weekend in Liverpool, Martin Dixon, Chris Rayner, Nick Catford & FoWT, pp.57-65
Corsham’s Vast Secret Bunker – a Trip of a Lifetime, Martin Dixon & Marcus Butcher, pp.66-72

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