Subterranea 31, December 2012


In This Issue… RAF Bentley Priory, Dingle Station and Tunnel, Underground Naples & WWI Tunnels in France

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Notice of Annual General Meeting 2012, p.2
Spring Meeting 2013, p.2
Committee Notes – September 2012, pp.3

  • Archaeology, p.4
  • Conservation and Heritage, p.4
  • Military and Defence, pp.4-7
  • Mining and Quarrying, pp.7-9
  • Miscellaneous, pp.9-11
  • Publications – Books, pp.11-14
  • Tunnels, pp.14-19

Archaeology on the Somme: The work of the La Boisselle Study Group, Jeremy Banning, pp.20-27
Meet our Day Meeting organiser – Chris Rayner, p.27
Replica WWII Operational Base Constructed at Coleshill, Richard Alexander, pp.28-30
Liverpool Overhead Railway’s Southern Extension of 1896 and the Dingle Tunnel, Paul Wright, pp.31-36
Colour Plates (Various), pp.37-40
Dark Places – Excursions beneath Naples, Merryn Walters, pp.41-47
RAF Bentley Priory, Nick Catford & Bob Jenner, pp.48-58
Sub Brit in Sussex for the Weekend – September 2012, Chris Jones, pp.59-69
Update on funding requests, Mark Russell, p.69
Railway Air-Raid Shelters in WWII, Chris Rayner, pp.70-71
The Barnton Quarry Restoration Project, Grant More, pp.72-73
From The Archives: World War I air-raid shelters in Dover, Kent, Paul W Sowan, p.74
Clapham South Deep-Level Shelter, Martin Dixon, pp.75-76
Ice-House at Painshill, Surrey, Linda Dixon, p.76

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