Subterranea 3, December 2003


In This Issue… Annual Study Weekend Pembrokeshire, East German Mini Tour, Books, News and Reviews.

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News, pp.1-7
Books, pp.8-10
Stone Quarries at Hosey Common and Westerham Kent, Paul W. Sowan, pp.11-12
World War III and Merchant Shipping, Lee Higson, pp.13-15
Godstone Mines Sub Brit Visit Report, Paul W. Sowan, pp.15-17
2003 Bunker Tour East Germany, Tony Page, pp18-27
Who Runs Sub Brit?: Paul W. Sowan – The Chairman, p.28
Sub Brit in Belgium – Burrowing, Birthdays and Beer, Martin Dixon & Linda Bartlett, pp.29-30
Subterranea Britannica – Annual Report 2003, pp.31-34
A Day Trip to Altengrabow, Germany., Tony Page, pp.35-38
2003 Study Weekend – Pembrokeshire, Nick Catford, Roger JC Thomas, Medwyn Parry, Fortress Study Group, David Bick, Clive Penfold & Dave Mansell, pp.39-45
Subterranea Britannica – Summary Report 2002, p.46
Letter to the Editor: The Greenbrier Congressional Bunker, Roger Cleaver, p.47
The BIAS Brunel Prize, p.48
SB Spring Day Conference – 13th March 2004, Andrew P Smith, p.48

Keywords / Topics:

Hearthstone. Mushroom. Plateways.
Halberstadt. Juterborg. 5001 Bunker. Honecker.
Spiennes Flint Mine. Blegny Coal Mine. Koelebosche Limestone. Namur Citadel.
Altengrabow. UK 20 Bunker.
RNAD Trecwn. Newton Noyes. Mine Depot. Fuel tanks. Milford Haven. Porthgain. St. Bride’s Slate Quarry. Scoveston Fort. Grove Ironworks. Ystrad Einon Copper Mine. Cwmystwyth Lead Mine.
Bunker. USA.

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