Subterranea 29, April 2012


In This Issue… Sussex Auxiliary Units, Mining in the Harz mountains, Visit to Titan silos in USA & Bourne Park tunnel, Kent.

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Meet our Treasurer – Tony Radstone, p.2

  • Archaeology, pp.3-4
  • Health and Safety, p.4
  • Mining, pp.4-5
  • Military, pp.5-10
  • Miscellaneous, pp.10-14
  • Books & Publications, pp.14-15
  • Tunnels & Tunnelling, pp.15-19

Visits to Tessin and Prora, Germany, Chris Howells, Tony Page & Adrian Trice, pp.20-27
Is there or was there a Cold War buffer depot near you? Paul W. Sowan, p.27
Europe’s largest underground oil power-plant, Lars A. Hansson, pp.28-30
The Bourne Park Tunnel, the Elham Valley Railway and HMG Boche-Buster, Nick Catford, pp.31-36
Colour Plates (Various), pp.37-40
Sussex WWII Auxiliary Units – Revisited, Stewart Angell, pp.41-45
Underground Disappointment at Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire, Stewart Wild, p.45
Gluckauf! : Harz Mining and Mining Museums, Germany, Ken Geddes, pp.46-53
Remains of Manchester Picc-Vic tube system unearthed, Wikipedia & Martin Dodge, pp.54-55
Water Towers with Deep Roots, Cologne, Julian Allason, p.55
Carshalton Air-Raid Shelter, Surrey, Ed Combes, pp.56-57
Chalk Mining near Blackheath Hill, southeast London: Including Jack Cade’s Cavern, Anthony Durham, pp.58-64
Titan Tours – A visit to a selection of Cold War related sites in the western USA, Alex Gould, pp.65-73
Latest News from the Wartling Bunker Project, East Sussex, John Smiles, pp.74-75
Deep Underground in West Sussex and Norway: Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank and Svalbard’s Global Seed Vault, Stewart Wild, p.76

Keywords / Topics:

Corsham Bunker.
Etchinghill Tunnel.
Coleshill. Ashburnham OB. Arundel. Hurstpierpoint. Wiston.
Ice house. Tunnel.
Lautenthal Silver lead. Rammelsberg. Iron. Copper. Glasebach. Railways.
Southeast London. Limekilns.
Spitsbergen. Longyearben.

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