Subterranea 26, April 2011


In This Issue… Cults Limestone Mines, Drakelow's Central Secret, Balaklava's Submarine Base & Grimebridge Colliery.

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1

  • Archaeology, pp.2-3
  • Conservation, Heritage and Tourism, pp.3-5
  • Health and Safety, pp.5-6
  • Military and Defence, p.6
  • Mines and Mining, pp.7-9
  • Miscellaneous, p.9
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.9-12

NZ Coal Mine Blast Kills 29 Miners, Roger Gosling, pp.13-15
Analysis: What went wrong at Pike River mine?, Andrew Watson/UK Mines Rescue Service, pp.16-17
Cults Limestone Mines: Exploring the thousand-year-old limestone mines in the Howe of Fife, Mark Chalmers, pp.18-23
From The Archives: Cellars or ‘crypts’ at Rochester, Kent, p.23
Drakelow’s Central Secret, Steve Fox, pp.24-31
Into The Red Zone – Balaklava’s secret submarine base, Julian Allason, pp.32-33
Colour Plates (Various), pp.34-36
How the West was Won… or more correctly, How the West was Planning on Winning…, Bob Clary, Richard Savage, Robin Ware & Tim Robinson, pp.37-49
Going East, Mike Barton, pp.50-54
Water Well Adit, London, p.54
Grimebridge Colliery and the Ginnies of Rossendale, Lancashire, Phil Pritchard, pp.55-61
Empire Jack (John Norton Griffiths), tunneller and arsonist, of Betchworth, Surrey, Paul W. Sowan, p.62
Trip Report – ROC 1 Group HQ Maidstone, Thomas Carriage, pp.63-64
The collapse in 1974 of the Tyler Hill (Canterbury & Whitstable Railway) tunnel below the University of Kent at Canterbury, Kent, Paul W. Sowan, pp.65-66
Radon Underground, Paul W. Sowan, pp.67-68

Keywords / Topics:

Hahn. Urft. Cold War. Marienthal. Borfink.
Pike River. Greymouth.
Charlestown. Skelpie.
RSG9. Top Secret – Acid. Bunker. MacADAM. LINSTOCK. QUADRANGLE. RGHQ.
Ukraine. Quarry.
Coal Mine. Ginney.
Canterbury and Whitstable Railway.

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