Subterranea 25, December 2010


In This Issue… Sub Brit's Cornwall Weekend 2010, A Day Trip to Weeze (RAF Laabruch), Underground in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas & Ewell House Tunnels.

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Notes on the Committee Meeting held on Saturday 9 October 2010, p.2

  • Health and Safety, p.3
  • Archaeology, pp.3-4
  • Conservation and Heritage, pp.4-5
  • Defence and Military, pp.5-8
  • Mines and Mining, pp.8-9
  • Miscellaneous, pp.9-11
  • Publications – Books, pp.11-12
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.12-14

Subterranean Britain – Cold War Bunkers (Book Review), Andrew Smith, p.14
Cornish Mining and More: Sub Brit’s Annual Visits Weekend: Cornwall, Linda Bartlett & Paul Sowan, pp.15-25
Subterranea Britannica: Notice of Annual General Meeting 2011, p.26
Colour Plates (Various), pp.27-30
A Day-Trip to Weeze: (or you can’t beat landing where you’re exploring), Tim Robinson, pp.31-40
Underground in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas – Super-sized in the States, Gavin Saxby, pp.41-49
Ewell House Tunnels, Surrey, Nick Catford, pp.50-53
Spanish Civil War air-raid shelters in Barcelona, Gabriel Moshenska, pp.54-56
Work of the Geological Survey in World War II – the Wartime Pamphlets Series, p.56
White-Nose Syndrome – a threat to European bats?, John Altringham, p.57

Keywords / Topics:

Camborne School of Mines. King Edward Mine. Holman. Pool. Halliggye Fogou. RAF Drytree. Goonhilly. RAF Treleaver. Rosevale Zennore. Levant. Porthcurno. Wheal Martyn China Clay. Pinnock Tunnel.
RAF Laarbruch. Germany. Cold war. Bunker.
Titan. Copper Mine. Carlsbad Cavern.
Refugi 307.

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