Subterranea 24, September 2010


In This Issue… Brunel's Thames Tunnel, Inchindown Fuel Depot, Hendon Air-Raid Shelter Excavation & Maastricht Trip Report 2010.

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Chairman’s Welcome, Martin Dixon, p.1
Digest of Subterranea Britannica Committee Meeting held on 26 June 2010, p.2

  • Health & Safety, p.3
  • Archaeology, pp.3-4
  • Defence and Military, pp.4-7
  • Tunnels, pp.7-10
  • Mines and Mining, p.10
  • Miscellaneous, p.11
  • Publications – Books, pp.11-12

Sunny Hill Park and the Borough of Hendon at War – Sub Brit helps to record some long-lost air-raid shelters, Dr Gabriel Moshenska & Stewart Wild, pp.13-15
A Blast from the Past, Stewart Wild, pp.16-17
Tunnel Vision – the building of the first underground Thames Crossing, Martin Dixon, pp.18-19
Brunel’s Thames Tunnel Walk – March 2010, Tim Robinson, pp.19-21
There was oil in them there hills, Allan Kilpatrick, pp.22-30
‘Joie de vivre’ – Jessica’s mountain revisited: Sweden – October 2009, Bob Lawson, pp.31-36
Return trip to the Wartling bunker – April 2010, John Smiles, pp.37-39
Sub Brit Maastricht trip report (or what I did on my holidays) 7-10 May 2010, Dom Aves, pp.40-46
An unusual underground air-raid shelter in Ipswich, Nick Catford, pp.47-48
Warnamt – the West German Civil Defence warning centres, Wikipedia, pp.49-50
Work of the Geological Survey in World War II, p.50
Canal Tunnels, Keith Ward, pp.51-52
Canada’s Emergency Government Headquarters aka Diefenbunkers, Lars Hansson, pp.53-56

Keywords / Topics:

London Transport staff magazine.
Marc Isambard Brunel. Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
Marc Isambard Brunel. Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Rotherhithe.
Invergordon. Tunnel.
Lars Hansson. Hemso Fortress. Bunker. Havstoudd. Storåberget.
Rotor R3. Radar.
Lacroixberg. De Kluis. Van Schaik. Waldeck Bastion vaults. Fort Eben-Emael. Keel Quarry. Rijkholt Flint Mine. Zonneberg Quarry.
Cold War.
Carp. Debert. Cold War.

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