Subterranea 21, December 2009


In This Issue… Catacombs in Britain, HMS Forward, Snape Mine, Soviet Loos, Study Weekend – Kent, Books, News and Reviews.

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From the Chairman, Martin Dixon, p.1
Dan McKenzie 1965-2009 – a Tribute, Martin Dixon, p.2
Jim Wright, Martin Dixon, p.3
Notes from the Committee Meeting held on 10 October 2009, p.3

  • Archaeology, pp.3-4
  • Conservation, Heritage and Museums, pp.4-7
  • Health and Safety, p.7
  • Military and Defence, pp.7-9
  • Mines and Mining, pp.9-10
  • Miscellaneous, pp.10-12
  • Publications (Books), pp.13-15
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.15-17
  • And Finally… Appeal for Help with the Ice-House Project, p.17

North End tube station and the ‘Bull & Bush’ floodgate control centre, Nick Catford, pp.18-21
Floodgates on the London Underground: Part 1 – A Brief History, R. Kenneth, pp.22-26
‘Tunnel Vision’ in Kent: Sub Brit Study Weekend, Paul W. Sowan, pp.27-35
Catacombs in Britain – a Nineteenth-Century Experiment, Bob Flanagan/Friends of West Norwood Cemetery, pp.36-41
The motivation and the research into HMS Forward, Geoffrey Ellis/Friends of HMS Forward, pp.42-47
Loos I have known, Mike Barton, pp.48-50
Rare timber-lined Air-Raid Shelter uncovered in Downend, South Gloucestershire, p.50
Bunkers as Art? A New Exhibition at the Barbican, John Beckerson, p.51
In Latvia, Facing the Western World, Tim Robinson, pp.52-59
Nottingham City CD Control Bunker, Keith Ward, pp.60-62
The Snape Wood (Scrag Oak) Mine – TQ 634302, Gwen Skae/Wadhurst History Society, pp.62-64
Snape Wood Mine, Mike Clinch/Kent Underground Research Group, pp.64-68

Keywords / Topics:

Dover Castle. Dumpy. Eastry. Fort Amherst. Golgotha Tunnel. Dover Western Heights. Langdon Battery.
West Norwood Cemetery.
HMS Forward.
Missile sites.
Iron Mine.

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