Subterranea 20, September 2009


In This Issue… Plate Rails – Surrey Firestone Quarries, Camden Town's Rich Railway Heritage, UK Shelter Policy, Coombe Conduit House, Study Weekend – France, Books, News and Reviews.

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From the Chairman, Martin Dixon, p.1
Ian Walker 1939-2009, Martin Dixon, p.2
Annual General Meeting 18 April 2009: Minutes, p.3
Book Reviews, pp.4-6

  • Archaeology, pp.7-8
  • Military and Defence, pp.8-9
  • Mines and Underground Quarries, pp.9-10
  • Miscellaneous, pp.10-13
  • Periodical Publications, p.13
  • Tunnels, pp.13-15

First Aid Training for Sub Brit Members, Linda Bartlett, p.15
Fancy finding out more about Mining? – Then get hooked into ‘NAMHO’, Linda Bartlett, pp.16-18
The Limestone Mines at Dudey and Walsall in 1895, p.18
Camden Town’s Rich Railway Heritage, Peter Darley, pp.19-28
Peace After The Battles: Study Weekend in Northern France, Paul W. Sowan, pp.29-39
Plate Rails in the Surrey Firestone Quarries, Peter Burgess, pp.39-48
The Tunnels of Joseph Williamson, Edge Hill, Liverpool: 1800-1840, Claire Moorhead & Bill Douglas, pp.49-52
Keys to the Kingdom, John Lill & Jennie Lill, pp.53-54
The Nursemaids’ Tunnel, Park Crescent Gardens and Park Square Gardens and Two Pioneering Railway Tunnels, London, Paul W. Sowan, pp.55-56
London’s 19th-century “Nursemaids’ Tunnel”, Stewart Wild, p.57
Ram Hill Colliery, David Evans/South Gloucestershire Council, pp.58-59
St. John’s Schools World War II Air Raid Shelters, Redhill, Surrey, Paul W. Sowan, pp.60-62
UK Shelter Policy 1924-1945, Robin Woolven, pp.63-67
The Terlingham Water Tunnel, Folkestone, Kent, Paul W. Sowan, pp.68-70
Coombe Conduit House, David Gordon, pp.71-72

Keywords / Topics:

Derbyshire Mines.
Camden. Railway. Stables. Ice Well.
Arras. Vimy. Muche. La Coupole. Wellington. Eperlecques.
Plate Rails. Firestone. Quarry. Surrey. Godstone. Merstham. Marden.
Williamson. Liverpool.
Disney. Florida. Tunnel.
Nursemaids. Metropolitan. Park Gardens.
Coal Mine. Ram Hill. Gloucestershire.
Reigate. Air Raid Shelters.
Air Raid Shelters. Anderson Shelter.
Folkestone. Water Tunnel. Terlingham.

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