Subterranea 2, July 2003


In This Issue… The Post Office Railway Mail Rail, Zossen Wunsdorf Germany, Books, News and Reviews.

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News, pp.2-5
Books, pp.6-7
Letter to the Editor – Copacabana Fort, Roger Cleaver, p.7
Baghdad Express, Richard A. Muller, pp.8-9
Trust the Swiss to be ready. And waiting . . ., Property Telegraph – Apr 2003, pp.9-10
The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail), Nick Catford, pp.11-14
Home Security Region 5 (London) War Room, Bob Jenner & Nick Catford, pp.15-16
Subterranea Shop – Price List and Order Form, p.17
Wiltshire Stone Quarry Railways in WWII, Fred Tye, pp.18-26
Zossen Wunsdorf – Germany, Tony Page, pp.26-31
East Cambridgeshire Council Emergency Centre, Nick Catford, pp.32-33
A little French excursion, Nick Catford, pp.34-48

Keywords / Topics:

Subway. Iraq.
Mail Rail. Post Office.
Bunker. Region 5.
Stone Quarries. Wiltshire. Monkton Farleigh. Spring Quarry. Chilmark Quarry. Box Tunnel.
Berlin. Bunker. Soviet HQ. Radrel Troposcatter. Zeppelin.
Maginot. Feste Forts. Rochonvillers.

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