Subterranea 19, May 2009


In This Issue… Thames Barrier Visit, Inside the Citadel, WWII Shelters at Kenley & Portsdown, Sweden January 2009, Books, News and Reviews.

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From the Chairman, Martin Dixon, p.1
Ian Walker: Obituary, p.2

  • Archaeology, pp.2-3
  • Conservation and Heritage, pp.4-6
  • Defence and Military, pp.6-9
  • Mines and Quarries, pp.9-10
  • Miscellaneous, pp.11-12
  • Publications – Books, pp.12-14
  • Publications – Periodicals, pp.14-15
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.15-20

South Kensington Station and the District Line deep-level express tube line, Nick Catford, pp.21-26
From the Archives: The Limestone Mines at Dudley and Walsall in 1895, p.26
Bunkers, Snow & Guns – Sweden January 2009, Bob Lawson, pp.27-33
Visit to the Thames Barrier, Eastmoor Street, London SE7, Roger Morgan, pp.34-37
John Nicholls’ search for metals in Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Kent, p.37
We have a situation, Mr President . . ., Julian Allason, pp.38-40
Woking Borough Council Emergency Centre, Edward Combes, pp.41-43
Inside the Citadel: Mystery of the Missing Gallery, Bill Hamilton, pp.44-46
Sub Brit meets Subte, Martin Dixon, pp.47-49
A Practical Use for Cats, p.49
The World War II Deep Air-Raid Shelter at Kenley, London Borough of Croydon, Paul W. Sowan, pp.50-55
The World War II Portsdown Tunnel Shelters, Neil Conlon, pp.56-67
An Obscure and Unique ‘Industrial’ Engine Shed, Roger Griffiths, p.68

Keywords / Topics:

South Kensington. District Line Deep Level.
Limestone Mine.
Bunker. Sweden. Uppsala. Mariaberget. Stockholm.
Thames Barrier.
White House. Situation Room.
Woking. Emergency Centre.
Admiralty. Citadel.
Buenos Aires.
Air Raid Shelter. Croydon. Kenley.
Shelter. Portsdown. Wymering.
Corsham. Box Tunnel.

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