Subterranea 18, January 2009


In This Issue… Tar Tunnel in the Severn Gorge, Berlin Weekend, Underground in Cappadocia, Yorkshire Study Weekend, Books, News and Reviews.

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What’s in a name?, Martin Dixon, p.1
Paul Sowan meets ‘old flame’, Linda Bartlett, p.2

  • Events, p.2
  • Archaeology, pp.2-3
  • Conservation and Heritage, p.3
  • Defence and Military, pp.3-5
  • Health & Safety, pp.5-7
  • History, p.7
  • Mines and Quarries, pp.8-10
  • Miscellaneous, p.10
  • Publications – Books, pp.10-12
  • Publications – Periodicals, p.12
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.12-13

The Tar Tunnel in the Severn Gorge, Sophie Heath/Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, pp.14-16
But they were better dressed!: Hamburg, 18-19 October, 2008, Mike Barton, pp.17-22
Five Go Underground in Cappadocia!, David Ferris & Linda Bartlett, pp.23-28
Taking the Seaside Air, Nick Catford, pp.29-31
A Ticklish Operation in 1899 at Kenley Waterworks, London Borough of Croydon, Paul W. Sowan, p.31
Cwmorthin Slate Mine, Dom Jackson, pp.32-33
D-I-Y Cut-and-Cover in the Alps, Julian Allason, p.34
Hopewell Colliery Mining Museum, Cannop Hill, Speech House Road, Coleford, Paul W. Sowan, p.34
Subject: Munich (yes, it’s not Berlin), Tom Robinson, pp.35-38
Royal Ordinance Factory Dunham-on-the-Hill, Phil Pritchard, pp.39-43
Local Legends – Part 3, John Burgess, p.43
Sub Brit represented at SFES Conference in France – Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Stewart Wild, pp.44-45
Bunkers and Coal – Sub Brit’s Study Weekend in Yorkshire, Linda Bartlett, pp.46-52
The Austin-Longbridge Factory – An Update, Neil Wedgbury, pp.53-56
Site visits – please Sir, can I have some more?, Martin Dixon, pp.56-57
A Weekend in Berlin: July 2008, Jane MacGregor, pp.58-60
Castillo de San Filipe – a Colombian fortress, Martin Dixon, p.60

Keywords / Topics:

Tar Tunnel.
Hamburg. Eppendorf. Heiligengeistfeld. Wilhelmsburg.
Cappadocia. Kaymakli. Derinkyu.
Brighton. Sewers.
Cwmorthin. Slate Mine.
Munich. Bunker. Flak Tower.
Royal Ordnance. Dunham.
SFES. Amiens.
RAF Holmpton. Kilnsea. Fort Paull. Saltend ROC Post. Acomb ROC HQ. Brunswick. Prospect Hill. Caphouse.
Air Raid Shelter. Longbridge.
Site visit.
Berlin. Humboldthain. Shelter.

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