Subterranea 17, August 2008


In This Issue… Brompton Road Station, Paris Study Weekend, Another Weekend on the London Underground, Positively the Last German Tour!, Books, News and Reviews.

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Subterranea Britannica – 35 Years on and a Limited Company, p.1

  • Archaeology, pp.2-5
  • Defence & Military, pp.5-6
  • Mines & Quarries, pp.6-8
  • Tunnels & Tunnelling, pp.8-11
  • Publications – Books, pp.11-14
  • Publications – Periodicals, pp.14-15
  • Miscellaneous, pp.15-17

Who’s Who in Sub Brit: Martin Dixon, p.18
Ty Croes Camp, Anglesey, North Wales, Mark Dalton, pp.19-21
Armed Forces in East Germany, Mike Barton, p.22
Positively the last German tour!, Nick Catford, pp.23-35
Colonel Stephens’ Light Railways and Tunnels, Paul W. Sowan, p.36
Underground Darwin and the Second World War, Martin Dixon, pp.37-38
Ghost Metros of Belgium, Keith Ward, pp.39-40
Malmo’s “Crossrail”, Robin Cherry, p.40
Another weekend on the London Underground, Nick Catford, pp.41-52
Sub Brit on Mendip, Bob Templeman, pp.53-54
Brompton Road Station and London’s Anti-Aircraft Defences, Nick Catford & Andy Emmerson, pp.55-62
Possible Medieval Synagogue, Guildford Museum, pp.63-64
The 2008 Mainland Europe Study Weekend, Paris, Paul W. Sowan, pp.65-71
Dartford Tunnel Transport, Keith Ward, p.72

Keywords / Topics:

Ty Croes. Anglesey. Air Defence Radar.
East Germany.
Bunker. East Germany. Kossa. Grossenhain. Kolkwitz. Gosen. Garzau. Harnekop. Ladeburg. Mohlau.
Golgotha. Tatsfield. Railway Tunnel.
Darwin. Oil Storage Tunnel.
Metro. Belgium.
Highgate Disused Tube station. Waterloo. Moorgate. Great Northern & City. Holborn. King William Street.
Mendip. Lead Mine.
Brompton Road. Anti-Aircraft Defence.
Paris. Catacombs. Aqueducts. La Petite Ceinture. Metro. Sevres Quarry.
Dartford Tunnel.

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