Subterranea 16, April 2008


In This Issue… HMS Wildfire, Dudley Canal Tunnels, Gottow & Juterburg, Chislehurst Caves, Books, News and Reviews.

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Guaranteed Success!, p.1

  • , pp.2-5
  • Conservation, Heritage & Tourism, pp.5-7
  • Defence & Military, pp.7-8
  • Mines & Quarries, pp.8-10
  • Tunnels & Tunnelling, pp.10-12
  • Publications – Books, pp.12-15
  • Publications – Periodicals, pp.15-16
  • Miscellaneous, pp.16-17

Blackheath Hill Railway Tunnel, Nick Catford, pp.18-20
Area Combined Headquarters Chatham and HMS Wildfire, Bob Jenner, pp.21-31
Erith Hospital: WW2 Field Hospital Casualty Station and postwar X-Ray Department, Nesta Caiger, pp.32-33
Nevill Street, SOuthport – a Christmas puzzle, Andrew Smith, pp.34-36
The Three Tunnels on the former Woodside and South Croydon Railway, London Borough of Croydon, Paul W. Sowan, p.37
A day on the London Underground, Nick Catford, pp.38-45
Dudley Canal Tunnels and the People’s £50M Lottery: History of Dudley Canal Tunnel System, Vic Smallshire, pp.46-49
Communal air raid shelter in East Sheen under threat, Nick Catford, pp.50-51
Coober Pedy, South Australia – “Opal Capital of the World”, Stewart Wild, pp.52-53
Opal Prospecting in Coober Pedy Today, Martin Dixon, pp.54-55
Local Legends, John Burgess, p.55
Gottow and Juterbog, September 2007, Jane McGregor, pp.56-59
From The Archives: Underground Quarries for stone for making turned pots in the 17th century Italy, p.59
Istanbul’s High-Risk Tunnels under the Bosphorus, Julian Allason, p.60
Chislehurst Caves in World War One, Rod LeGear, pp.61-64
Underground Features of the Railways in Sweden, Lars A. Hansson, pp.65-68

Keywords / Topics:

Blackheath Hill. Railway Tunnel.
HMS Wildfire. Chatham. ACHQ.
Underground Street.
Railway Tunnel.
Euston. City Road. South Kentish Town. Embankment. Strand. Trafalgar Square.
Dark Cavern. Wrens Nest.
Bunker. East Germany. Cold War.

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