Subterranea 15, December 2007


In This Issue… Boulby Potash Mine, Geneva Excursion, Bunkers in Latvia, Sub Brit Study Weekend – Cumbria, Books, News and Reviews.

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The Subterranea Britannica Committee: Change ‘At The Top’, p.1
Subterranea Britannica Ltd., p.2
Subterranea Britannica Handbook, p.2
Day Conferences, pp.2-3
Study Weekends in 2008, p.3
Subterranea Britannica’s Access to Information Files and a Plea for Newscuttings!, p.3

  • Archaeology, p.4
  • Defence & Military, pp.4-7
  • Mines & Quarries, pp.7-8
  • Tunnels & Tunnelling, p.8
  • Publications, pp.8-11

Geneva Excursion, Keith Ward & Nick Catford, pp.12-18
Acquiring The Sub Brit Collection, Andrew Smith, p.19
Underground Intelligence: The Joint Intelligence Committee in the Cabinet War Rooms bunker, James Allason, pp.20-22
From The Archives: A World War I Dugout, p.22
Sub Brit in Cumbria – it’s Mine, all Mine!, Martin Dixon, pp.23-26
A Visit To Chislehurst Caves, Philip Lindhurst, p.27
Bunkers in Latvia, Keith Ward & Nick Catford, pp.28-30
A domestic air raid shelter in Gerrards Cross, Nick Catford, p.30
The Roedean School tunnel and rock-cut boathouse, Sussex, Paul W. Sowan, pp.31-32
Local Legends, John Burgess, p.32
Day Trip to France March 2007, Jane MacGregor, pp.33-34
The Potash mine at Boulby, Yorkshire coast, in context, Paul W. Sowan, pp.35-41
Lawford Heath No.8 Group Coventry ROC HQ, Mark Dalton, pp.42-43
Southern Water Emergency Control Centre at Twyford, Nick Catford, pp.44-45
Highgate Archway (1809-1812), London and its place in road tunnelling history, Paul W. Sowan, pp.46-48

Keywords / Topics:

Switzerland. Fort Champex. Fort Scex. Fort Cindey.
RAF Holmpton.
Cabinet War Rooms.
Mining Museum Keswick. Honister Slate Mine. Haig Pit. Nenthead. Smallcleugh. Killhope Lead Mine. Birkshead Gypsum.
Ligatne. Riga.
Atlantic Wall. D-Day defences. Bunkers.
Rock Salt.

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