Subterranea 14, August 2007


In This Issue… RAF Portreach History and Visit Report, London's Secret Tubes – The Sequel, Sub Brit Study Weekend – Berlin, Books, News and Reviews.

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  • Archaeology, pp.2-3
  • Conservation and Heritage, pp.3-4
  • Defence and Military, pp.4-6
  • Health and Safety, pp.6-7
  • Mines and Quarries, pp.7-10
  • Miscellaneous, pp.10-13
  • Publications, pp.13-17
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.17-24

RAF Portreath – A History, Nick Catford, pp.25-34
Berlin Study Weekend 2007, Jane MacGregor, pp.35-38
London’s Secret Tubes – the sequel, Andrew Emmerson, pp.39-42
Mines Miscellany – A Series of Mine Articles, Keith Ward, pp.42-46
RAF Durrington – Fable or Fact – An Enquiry, Bob Jenner, pp.47-52
Kent Archaeological Society, Paul Sowan, p.53

Keywords / Topics:

CDE Nancekuke. Bunker. Cold War.
Berliner Unterwelten. Germania. Gesundbrunnen. Pankstrasse. Wannsee. U-bahn. Flak Tower.
Underground. Bethnal Green. GPO Cable Tunnel.
Fireclay. Shibden Dale. Bentley Colliery. Denby Grange. Barnsley Main. Betws Drift Mine.
Field Place. Worthing.

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