Subterranea 13, April 2007


In This Issue… Soviet Maps Part II, Communications in Context, Submarine Base of the Future, Books, News and Reviews.

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  • Subterranea Britannica News and Notices, pp.2
  • Archaeology, pp.4-6
  • Health and Safety, pp.6-7
  • Mines and Quarries, pp.7-11
  • Miscellaneous, pp.11-12
  • Publications, pp.12-13
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.13-17

Uncle Joe knew where you lived: The story of Soviet mapping of Britain (part II), John Davies, pp.17-30
A Day in Wales, Andrew Smith, pp.30-33
Communications in context: plans for protection, Andrew Emmerson, pp.34-41
Cold War Tunnels at the Hotel Nacional, Havana, Cuba, Mark Dalton, pp.42-44
Clapham North Deep Level Shelter, Hywel Williams, pp.45-51
Swedish Trip November 2006, Keith Ward, pp.52-59
The Submarine Base of the Future, Steve Fox, pp.60-62
British and German Military Tunnels at Heligoland, Germany, Paul Sowan, p.63
An Edwardian underground shopping arcade discovered in Keithley, West Yorkshire, Nick Catford, pp.64-65

Keywords / Topics:

Charles Close Society.
Bunker. Camarthenshire Control Bunker. Camarthern ROC. Narbeth ROC. Uniter. Templeton.
Cold War. Ring Main. Brent Building. Kingsway. Birmingham Anchor. Manchester Guardian.
Eskilstuna. Gavle. Hemso Fort. Soderhamns. Enkopping.
Royal Arcade.

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