Subterranea 12, December 2006


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  • Articles From The Archives, pp.1-2
  • Archaeology, pp.3-4
  • Mining, pp.4-5
  • Military, p.5
  • Miscellaneous, pp.5-6
  • New Publications and Reviews, pp.6-8
  • Site Visits and Investigations, pp.8-12
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.12-15
  • Conservation, Heritage and Planning, p.15

The Couriot Coal Mining Museum at St Etienne, France, Martin Dixon, pp.16-17
WWII Sites on the Wirral, Phil Pritchard, pp.18-21
Greys Court Ice House, Linda Bartlett, pp.22-23
Study Weekend 2006: The Subterranea Britannica Study Weekend at Bristol, Paul W. Sowan, pp.24-29
Continental Airlines Texas Bunker, Melanie Trottman/Wall Street Journal, pp.30-31
Traces of the ROC – The Post Bunker, Mark Dalton, pp.32-35
Uncle Joe knew where you lived: The story of Soviet mapping of Britain (Part I), John Davies, pp.36-44
Scotland Street Tunnel, Nick Catford, pp.45-51
Israelis put nuclear bunkers in gardens, Uzi Mahnaimi, p.52
A Bank Holiday in the DDR., Dan McKenzie & Cameron McKenzie, pp.53-56

Keywords / Topics:

Puddington Decoy Control Bunker. Burton Marsh. Dee Estuary.
National Trust.
Limpley Stoke. Stone Quarry. Swan Mine. Brislington War Room. Cold War. Redcliffe Caves. Clifton Rocks Railway.
Emergency Operations. Montgomery. Cold war.
Charles Close Society.
Edinburgh. Waverley Street.
Domestic bunkers.
Nobitz. HASAG. Soviet Bunker.

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