Subterranea 11, August 2006


In This Issue… Swedish Bunkers and Forts, RAF Staxton Wold, The Atlantic Wall around Cherbourg, Books, News and Reviews.

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  • , p.1
  • Archaeology, pp.2-3
  • Conservation and Heritage, pp.3-4
  • Site Visit Reports, pp.4-6
  • Health & Safety, pp.6-8
  • Military and Cold War, pp.8-9
  • Mining, pp.9-11
  • Miscellaneous, pp.11-12
  • Publications, pp.12-14
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling, pp.14-15

Books, pp.16-17
Mussolini’s Bunker, p.17
RAF Staxton Wold, Nick Catford, pp.18-29
Missile Train, Mike Barton, p.30
Wartime Locations in Leicestershire, Neil Adcock, pp.31-36
Underground Cappadocia, Julian Allason, pp.37-39
Sweden 2006, Jane MacGregor, pp.40-45
Wollenberg Objekt-Nummer: 301, Robin Ware, pp.46-49
Edgware Junior School Air Raid Shelter Dig, Gabe Moshenska/Hendon and District Archaeological Society, p.50
German Fortifications on the Cherbourg Peninsula, Nick Catford, pp.51-56

Keywords / Topics:

Radar. Chain Home. Rotor. R12 Bunker. Cold War.
Cold War. Nuclear bunkers.
Kaymakli. Goreme.
Femore Fort. Oxelosund. Bunker. Cold War. Nykoping. Siaro Fort. Oscar Forts. Stockholm Civil Defence. Landsort.
Transmitter site. East Germany. Bunker.
Battery. Bunker. France. Casemate. Atlantik Wall.

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