Subterranea 10, April 2006


In This Issue… The Scout Mine, Station Z, Harnekop East Germany, Books, News and Reviews.

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  • Obituaries, p.1
  • Archaeology, pp.1-2
  • Military, p.2
  • Mining, pp.3-7
  • Miscellaneous, pp.7-8
  • Publications, pp.8-11
  • Tunnels, Tunnelling and Railway Tunnels, pp.11-14

AOL Mailing list problem, p.14
Underground in Ethiopia, pp.15-16
Subterranea Bodleiana, Ian Walker, pp.17-18
HARNEKOP – Objekt-Nummer: 16/102, Nick Catford, pp.19-22
The Souterrains of the Loire, Martin Dixon, pp.23-25
Emmer Green Brick Works and Chalk Mines., Nick Catford, pp.26-30
Shelter in the East, Andrew Emmerson, pp.31-35
The History of Crosslaw, Gavin Saxby, pp.35-39
Sun, Sea and Space Race, John Smiles, pp.40-43
Subterranea Britannica – Summary Report 2005, pp.44-45
Station Z, Nick Catford, pp.46-51
The World War I War Office Testing Ground at Claygate, Surrey, Paul Sowan, pp.52-54
NAMHO 2005: the view from Juniper Hall, Paul Sowan, pp.55-56

Keywords / Topics:

Lalibela. Axum.
Oxford. Radcliffe Library.
German Bunkers. Berlin. Bunker.
SFES. Saumur. Souzay. Troglodytes. Chateau Breze.
Reading. Hanover Mine.
Central Line. Air Raid. Civilian Shelters. Bethnal Green. Gainsborough. Redbridge.
R2. Chain Home. St. Abbs.
World War II. Telecommunications. Kodak.
Tunnel Boring Machine. Channel Tunnel.

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