Subterranea 1, January 2003


In This Issue… The Maginot Line in the Alps – Trip Report and Photos, Sub Brit 2002 French Trip, Books, News and Reviews, Sub Brit Clothing Now Available See Inside.

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News, pp.2-4
Books, pp.5-11
Royal Naval Cordite Factory – Holton Heath, Bob Lawson, pp.12-13
Undermining Vimy, The Canada Post – Nov 2002, pp.14-15
Club Insignia Price List and Order Form, p.16
Birmingham Anchor Telephone Exchange, Sebastian Ballard, pp.17-19
The German Government Bunker in Marienthal, Renate Puhvogel/TAZ News Agency – Mar 2001, pp.20-22
Home Fit for a Dictator, Dave Marash & Dada Jovanovic/ – Jan 2003, pp.23-24
The Vega Missile System, Mike Barton, p.25
RAF St. Twynnells ‘TWY’ GCI Rotor Radar Station, Nick Catford, pp.26-28
The Maginot Line in the Alps, Nick Catford, pp.29-39
‘Les Souterrains de France’ – Sub Brit’s Trip to France May 2002, Linda Bartlett & Martin Dixon, p.40

Keywords / Topics:

Holton. Cordite.
Vimy. Durand. Canada. France.
Telephone Exchange. Birmingham. Anchor.
Bunker. German. Marienthal.
Bunker. Saddam Hussein.
St. Twynnells. Rotor. Radar. R6 Bunker.
Maginot Line.
France. Muche. Cambrai. Hiermont. Domqueurs.

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